Nadav Argaman Named New Head of Shin Bet

Nadav Argaman
Shin Bet

Ynetnews reports: The deputy head of Shin Bet, Nadav Argaman, will now head the organization replacing Yoram Cohen, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Thursday.

Argaman, 55, married to Ruth with three children (aged 10, 15 and 21), is originally a kibbutz member from the Beit She’an Valley who now lives in a town in the center of the country. He enlisted in an elite IDF unit in 1978, and five years later joined Shin Bet. Since then he has served in a variety of operational roles.

He particularly stood out during the second intifada, where he led the organization’s operational mindset in hundreds of operations against Palestinian terrorism. “He is a leader and a top-level professional,” the Shin Bet said.