Ex-Egyptian Mufti: Woman Can Divorce Husband Who Makes Noises While Eating

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JAFFA, Israel – The former Grand Mufti of Egypt has said that a woman can divorce her husband if he makes noises while eating. This is the latest in a series of outlandish remarks that have subjected the man who until recently was the highest religious authority in the country to a great deal of consternation and ridicule.

“A woman whose husband makes noises while eating can divorce him,” Ali Gomaa said on a television show. “If she’s used to using a fork and knife and cannot bear him, she can file for divorce. So can a woman whose husband doesn’t brush his teeth.”

In support of his claim, Gomaa quoted a story about one of Prophet Mohammed’s best friends, who suffered from bad breath.

“One day, he saw [his wife] lamenting her misfortune, because of his problem, so he divorced her,” the former mufti said.

Meanwhile, the Saudi news site Alekhbariah reported that a Saudi woman filed for divorce after she found out her husband is “not romantic.”

The woman told the court that she takes walks with her husband, during which he shows no romantic attitude whatsoever.

The man, for his part, said that his wife was influenced by Turkish soap operas. “I don’t think I’m supposed to be running after her in parks and markets carrying a red rose,” he told the court, adding that he fully meets his conjugal commitments.