Israeli Remote Health Tech Sought For China’s Healthcare System

hospital china

The Times of Israel reports:  China’s population ages, its healthcare needs are growing – and to keep costs down, the country is looking at ways to keep patients out of the doctor’s office, via Israeli communication technology.

“The best way to save money is to bring healthcare to the home, to enable people to better take care of themselves,” according to Renming Zhu, president of Truth Enterprises, which calls itself a “smart healthcare technology” company. “With mobile and video technology, patients will be able to connect with many specialists at a minimum cost.”

Renming was in Israel for the recent mHealth Mobile Health Conference, where technology to do that, as well as to diagnose patients and improve their health, were on display. Israelis start-ups, medical tech firms, and executives of the health industry were all on hand to show off their latest developments to Renming and hundreds of other visitors, from Israel and abroad.

Renming was particularly interested in early stage start-ups, some of which he hoped to attract to a new incubator his company was establishing in Shanghai.

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