Report: Istanbul Bomber Mehmet Ozturk Followed Israeli Group

mehmet ozturk

Ynetnews reports: Mehmet Ozturk, the suicide bomber who killed three Israelis in Istanbul, followed a group of Israeli tourists from their hotel before detonating, according to Turkish TV station HaberTurk. The report was not officially confirmed.

The station claimed its report was based on analysis of security footage, which allegedly showed the ISIS terrorist waiting outside the restaurant in which the Israelis ate breakfast. When they left, he approached them and detonated the explosives.

Turkish authorities said on Sunday that DNA confirmed that Ozturk was the terrorist. Ozturk, a Turkish national, was born in 1992 in the city of Gaziantep in south-eastern Turkey, a province which borders Syria.

Ozturk’s family reported him missing after he went to Istanbul in 2013, security sources said.

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