Pro-Israeli Artists Fighting BDS With Caricatures

boycott israel

Ynet news reports: The fight against BDS has now extended to the artistic arena. A significant number of key figures and politicians have joined forces for the good of hasbara (Israeli public relations) in its struggle against the propaganda of organizations calling for a boycott of Israel.

They have recruited to the struggle leading artists from Israel and abroad who will present their “hasbara caricatures” at an exhibition to be presented at Ynet and Yedioth Ahronoth’s Conference dedicated to the fight against BDS on Monday, March 28, in Jerusalem.

This unique hasbara initiative is led by the artists Uri Fink, Shai Charka, Yossi Klar and Asaf Finkelstein, who are acting through their Facebook page, “The Israeli Cartoon Project.” Finkelstein, who understands the power of caricatures in the digital world, explained, “The project was founded because of the hurt and frustration that many Israelis and Jews all over the world were experiencing because of the anti-Israeli campaign.”

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