LISTEN: Breitbart’s Aaron Klein Owns Anti-Israel Radio Caller

aaron klein
Breitbart Jerusalem

TEL AVIV – Weekend talk radio host Aaron Klein, who doubles as Breitbart’s Jerusalem bureau chief, debated an anti-Israel caller to his radio show yesterday after the caller claimed Israel was not a democracy, posed a nuclear threat to the world, and did more harm than good for U.S. national security.

“They get in our way most of the time and when they are not getting in the way they put in spies to steal our material,” claimed the caller, identifying himself as Bill in Philadelphia.

Klein responded to each of Bill’s claims, including the caller’s argument that Israel should not have bombed Iraq’s sole nuclear reactor in a daring raid in 1981. At the time, Israel’s surprise attack was strongly criticized by world powers, including the U.S., and was condemned by the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly.

Klein stated:

Bill, if Israel did not bomb Iraq’s reactor in 1981, and God bless them for doing it, number one Saddam would have had nukes. Number two, ISIS today probably would have had nukes. In fact, if Israel didn’t bomb the Syrian nuclear reactor that they (the Syrians) were in the middle of building in 2007, do you understand right now that ISIS would have nuclear weapons? That Israel saved the world from ISIS having nuclear weapons? And you’re telling me, Bill in Philly, that this is a bad thing?

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Bill went on to argue that Israel should only act militarily if there is an international consensus and UN approval for any Israeli military mission.

Klein retorted, “Do you understand that by your logic, ISIS would have nuclear weapons now because Israel would have never been able to react?”

Bill replied that North Korea signed an international nuclear treaty and gave up its nuclear ambitions, and argued that the Syrians likely would have followed suit.

Klein explained to the caller that North Korea has since rejected the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and declared itself in possession of nuclear weapons.

“North Korea gave up what? They didn’t give up anything,” stated Klein. “They have nuclear weapons now.”

“Okay, Bill in Philly, I hope that the future that you are calling for never happens. Because if it does ISIS will have nuclear weapons. And I am so thankful that Israel took out the nukes of Syria. And I think that I destroyed you and every one of your claims, Bill. Thanks for the call.”

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