Shin Bet: ‘Terrorist Plotted Shooting Attack Due To Quarrel With Parents’

Weapons found on Palestinian suspect who was arrested last month after plotting a shooting attack.
Shin Bet

The Jerusalem Post reports: A Palestinian armed suspect who arrested last month was plotting a shooting attack on a road leading to the settlement of El Matan in Samaria, in the northern West Bank, but then changed his mind and turned back, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) announced on Tuesday.

The suspect, Imad Al-Huli, a resident of Azun, was taken into custody by the IDF on March 23 near the perimeter fence of El Matan. During Shin Bet questioning, “it also emerged that the source of Huli’s intention to carry out an attack was rooted in a personal reason; an argument with his parents regarding the cancellation of his engagement,” the agency said.

Separately, a join Shin Bet, IDF , and Israel Police operation resulted in the arrested of three relatives who allegedly took part in shooting attacks on Israeli traffic in Samaria, near the village of Iskaka. The shootings occurred on February 5, but did not result in any injuries.

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