PA in Talks with Israel On Ending IDF Raids in West Bank – Report

An Israeli army jeep patrols along the Israeli-Lebanese border close to the kibbutz of Mizgav Am, 11 July 2007.

The Times of Israel reports:

Senior Palestinian officials say that security talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel are currently focused on a proposal to halt all Israeli military activity in West Bank cities, in accordance with a schedule to be agreed upon by both parties.

The discussions come after the Palestinian Authority rejected an Israeli proposal to first end military operations in Ramallah and Jericho, and subsequently evaluate whether it could then extend to other West Bank cities. Haaretz newspaper reported last month that Israel had proposed to halt operations in the two West Bank cities, except in cases of “ticking bombs” — terrorists who are about to carry out attacks.

Palestinian officials told The Times of Israel that there are currently intense discussions underway, although it is unclear how the Israeli political echelon will respond to the Palestinian demand for an end to all Israeli operations in West Bank cities, or even to the fact of the discussions being held with Israeli defense officials.

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