WATCH: Pope’s Skullcap Put Under The Hammer For Israeli Charity

The Times of Israel reports: A white skullcap worn by Pope Francis is up for auction with thousands of dollars in proceeds going to Israeli charity Save A Child’s Heart.

The “authentic skullcap” given by Francis to an Italian TV show host during an audience in Rome in two years ago is expected to fetch some $36,000 in the rare online auction.

The pope was captured on camera taking the new skullcap offered to him by Damiano Cavadi during an audience in St Peter’s Square in 2014. Footage of Francis carefully inspecting the cap before swapping it with his own became famous in Italy.

The practice of popes gifting hats to the faithful is not an uncommon in Catholicism, though the sale of such items is rare since clothing worn by a pope becomes a holy relic after his death, and is no longer allowed to be sold.

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