WATCH: Fireman’s Helmet-Cam Shows First moments After Bus Blast

The Times of Israel reports: New footage was released Tuesday showing the view of a firefighter who arrived at the scene shortly after an explosive device blew up on a Jerusalem bus, setting it and other vehicles ablaze and injuring 21.

The images were recorded on a GoPro camera on the helmet of Arik Abuloff, a fireman from the Jerusalem department of the Israel Fire and Rescue Service, who raced to the neighborhood of Talpiot in the immediate wake of the bombing.

The images show Abuloff running toward two buses engulfed in flames before him and a team of firefighters attempting to battle the inferno using water hoses.

Police and rescue officials confirmed 21 people were injured, two of them seriously, when a bomb aboard number 12 city bus exploded in the capital’s Talpiot neighborhood on Moshe Baram Street on Monday evening, setting the bus on fire. A nearby intercity bus and car were also burned in the blast.

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