Israeli Jets Escort Egypt Plane That Failed to Identify Itself

israeli warplanes

Ynetnews reports: Two Israeli Air Force (IAF) fighter jets escorted an Egyptian airplane to Ben-Gurion Airport on Saturday morning, after its pilots failed to identify themselves and their flight upon entering Israeli airspace.

After the flight’s captain was shortly questioned, the plane, which apparently took off from Cairo, was allowed to return to Egypt.

An initial investigation of the incident indicates that a civilian plane belonging to airline Egypt Air departed from Cairo on route to Tel Aviv, with a group of pilgrims on board.

The plane apparently deviated from flight procedures by not identifying itself before entering Israeli airspace. Two Israeli F-15s were called to the intercept the plane, and escorted it to a safe landing.

The captain was questioned by Israeli authorities and the passengers were taken off the plane. After the questioning, the plane and pilot returned to Egypt.

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