Turkey’s Erdogan: Talks With Israel To Resume In May


The Times of Israel reports: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Wednesday that his envoys will meet with their Israeli counterparts next month in a final push to reach a reconciliation agreement between the two former allies, whose relationship soured over five years ago.

Erdogan, who was visiting the Croatian capital, Zagreb, told reporters that the two teams would discuss proposals for humanitarian relief to the Gaza Strip, including an offer to supply electricity from a ship docked in Israel.

The Turkish president said the two countries are looking at setting up a series of water and electricity supply projects in the Gaza Strip to fulfill Turkey’s terms for reconciliation.

One of Ankara’s key demands has been the removal of Israel’s partial blockade over the coastal enclave.

Israel says it maintains the blockade along with Egypt in order to prevent the Strip’s Hamas rulers, who avowedly seeks to destroy the Jewish state, from importing weaponry for use against Israel.

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