Israel Nabbed Hamas Operative Who Provided Intel About Gaza Tunnels

asked Palestinian men smuggle food, milk and supplies as they work underground June 27, 2008 in a tunnel, which links between Rafah southern Gaza Strip and Egypt.
Abid Katib/Getty

Haaretz reports: A Hamas member was arrested by Israel last month after crossing the border fence with two knives, the Shin Bet revealed on Thursday. 

According to the Shin Bet, the operative provided information about Hamas tunnels.

He also spoke to the techniques used in digging the tunnels, digging sites and tunnel shafts that were meant to serve “Nakba” operatives, Hamas’ special forces trained for fighting within Israeli territory.

The Shin Bet believed that the man, Mohammed Atawa, planned on killing either soldiers or civilians encountered in Israel, using the knives. The indictment against him was served in a Be’er Sheva court.

Websites associated with Fatah reported last month that a senior member of Hamas’ tunnel unit turned himself in to Israel. Hamas denied the reports and tried to distance itself from the man, saying he was a civilian who crossed the fence into Israel.

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