Egyptian Journalist: Zionist Capitalists Control Global Media, Aim To Take Over World

Antisemitic flyer (Screen shot / Twitter)
Screen shot / Twitter

TEL AVIV – Zionist capitalism controls world media and Zionist agents are hiding all over the world in a plot for global domination, an award-winning Egyptian author has claimed.

Rim Abu Ali, who is a member of the Egyptian Writers’ Union, wrote a scathingly anti-Semitic article titled “The Media Plot” in the widely read Arab daily, Al-Ahram. In it, she asserts that the Zionist capitalists – inspired by The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – have planted high-ranking Zionists in media positions all over the world, including Egypt.

“As everyone knows, the global media is controlled by Zionist capitalism, which aims to realize, to the letter, what was dictated by its Zionist predecessors in the Protocols [of the Elders of Zion] with the aim of taking over the world,” Abu Ali writes.

These double agents pretend to be patriots to the country they reside in, but according to Abu Ali, after they garner support they reveal their true face and start serving the “Zionist plan.” She warns that in Egypt there is a long list of media figures who are really Zionist agents, though her article fails to mention any names.

Abu Ali opens with a quote erroneously attributed to Josef Goebbels, “Give me a media without a conscience, and I will give you a people without consciousness [sic].”

Abu Ali goes on to suggest a connection between the made-up quote and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, another fabricated anti-Semitic text.

Media figures, she writes, are equal to “hitmen or mercenaries” and the media itself is a “weapon of mass destruction.” In the first stage, media figures are recruited by the Zionists for their “willingness to sell their conscience for money or sex” and they go on to form a popular support base.

“In the next stage, the planted media figure starts to fill the mind of his viewers with poison that serves the goals of the Zionist plan, in order to shape public opinion in a way that conforms to this plan,” writes Abu Ali.

She concludes with a petition to her readers.

“People, wake up, for the plot continues!”