Israel Vows To Press On With Anti-Tunnel Operations Amid Gaza Tensions

Ilia Yefimovich/Getty

The Times of Israel reports: Israeli officials said Saturday they would continue operations to uncover and destroy cross-border attack tunnels in the Gaza Strip over the coming weeks, even as Israel and Hamas sought to calm tensions along the frontier.

But officials told Channel 10 news that Hamas’s tunnel infrastructure was far from the robust network the group possessed before the 2014 Gaza war, and included a small number of tunnels only.

Despite the ongoing efforts to destroy the underground threat, Israeli officials stressed that they did not believe there was a substantial danger of renewed conflict on the Gaza border.

While Hamas has intermittently exchanged fire with Israeli troops as they worked to destroy tunnels inside Gaza territory, especially in the past week, the group has conveyed to Israel through Egypt that it does not seek escalation.

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