After UN Snub, Israeli Terror Victim’s Husband Speaks Out

Natan Meir

Ynetnews reports:  Natan Meir, who lost his wife Dafna Meir in a terror attack at their home in Otniel,  was snubbed by every ambassador at the UN security council after being officially invited by Israeli Ambassador Danny Dannon, where they were present at a UN Security Council meeting dealing with the situation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

He then wrote a strongly worded letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon decrying his treatment by the ambassadors.

According to Meir, “not a single UN representative shook our hands, called, or met with us. Even you, respected Secretary General, sat there and didn’t even open your mouth. You didn’t approach a man who’s face is anguished in pain.”

In the letter, Matan wrote that in January “a Palestinian teenager entered our home in the south Mt. Hebron region, and stabbed my wife to death in front of our children. On April 19th I attended, together with my oldest daughter – who single handedly stopped the attacker from killing more of my family – a discussion at the UN Security Council.”

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