Hamas To ‘Never Forgive’ Britain For Enabling Creation Of Israel


TEL AVIV – Hamas will “never forgive” the United Kingdom for enabling the creation of Israel, a spokesperson for the Gaza-based terror group said Saturday, Arutz 7 reported.

“Britain conquered the land of Palestine and was the first to support the ‘Nakba,’ ” Yasser Ali, an official representing Hamas’ Palestinian refugees, told Palestine Magazine.

“Nakba,” the Arabic term for “catastrophe,” refers to the creation of the State of Israel in 1948.

“[Britain] helped establish the entity of Israel on the ruins of the historic land of Palestine, which resulted in expulsion of the Palestinians after they are slaughtered and killed dozens of massacres [sic].”

“Any harm to the Palestinian people during the Nakba, including pain and suffering, were caused by Britain and its allies, and our people cannot forget that,” Ali continued.

According to the report, the official also claimed that the ‘Nakba’ validated a Palestinian Right of Return, fulfilling the prophesies of Muhammad, in which hundreds of thousands of descendants of those who fled their homes in 1948 – including terrorists from the Gaza Strip and elsewhere – will flood Israel.

This isn’t the first time Hamas has blamed the UK for Israel’s existence.

Last year on Nakba Day, which coincides with Israel’s Independence Day, Hamas official Essam Adwan stated that Britain “paved the way” for a “Zionist takeover,” and called on the UK to pay reparations to “avenge the injustice.”