Cairo Man Indicted For Marrying Fiancee’s Mother

AMMAN, JORDAN - JULY 25: A Groom listens to his veiled bride in a mass wedding July 25, 2003 in Amman, Jordan. One hundred and four brides and grooms made the knot in a mass wedding organized by the Islamic society of (al-Afaf) for philanthropic wedding, celebrating with their families …
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JAFFA, Israel – Egypt’s state prosecutor has announced that a Cairo man faces criminal charges for marrying the mother of his fiancee.

According to the indictment, the defendant, a carpenter, got engaged to a local woman about three years ago. Shortly afterwards, her parents separated, and he started having an affair with his future mother-in-law.

The two reportedly married secretely and even spent a honeymoon together. A few days later, the defendant broke off the marriage and married his wife’s daughter.

During an argument with his new wife, the man told her about his marriage to her mother, of which she had been unaware, the indictment says. He even said that ahead of his second wedding, he forged his papers so that they would not say that he was divorced.

During the police investigation, the defendant admitted that he had sex with his fiancee’s mother while she was away, according to reports.

The man’s remand was extended by four days, and so was that of his mother-in-law, who has denied the allegations.

Meanwhile, Cairo police announced that a prostitution ring has been exposed. It was operated by a Cairo housewife and was discovered during a raid on an apartment. A medical doctor was caught in the act, as were several prostitutes.