VIDEO: Comedian Louis C.K. to Perform in Jerusalem in August

The Times of Israel reports: It’s not a joke this time. Comedian Louis C.K. is coming to Israel to perform on Thursday, August 18, at Jerusalem’s Payis Arena.

The tickets, ranging in price from NIS 280 to NIS 730, went on sale at 6 p.m. Monday at the Louis CK website.

The provocative comedian is known for not shying away from any subject, be it sex, religion, pedophilia, politics, incest and other controversial topics. He was a writer for comedian Conan O’Brien and “The Chris Rock Show” (for which he won an Emmy as part of the writing team).

In April, C.K. told radio shock jock Howard Stern that he would come to Israel to perform in a large venue such as a soccer stadium to “get as much money over there as I would here at home.”

According to several recent news pieces about the comedian, he’s broke because “Horace and Pete,” his self-financed TV show, distributed on his own website, has not earned what he expected.

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