Rumor of Saudi-Israel Marriage Sparks Debate on Social Media

A Saudi woman walks past wedding dresses displayed in a shop window on February 4, 2013 at a mall in the Saudi capital Riyadh.

JAFFA, Israel – The hashtag #Saudi_marries_israeli has gone viral on Saudi social media, although the credibility of the story is in question.

Several Saudi news outlets reported on an unnamed Saudi marrying an unnamed Israeli, but presented no evidence that the marriage took place.

Still, the rumors were enough to generate a social media debate.

Lulu was outraged:”He turned down all the pretty and polite Saudi girls and went off to marry an Israeli? How distasteful!”

Ahmad retorted: “Who is pretty, you?”

“The Jews are among the world’s most beautiful girls,” wrote another. “Marry them, they’re pretty and beautiful.”

The Queen asked: “Why can a man marry non-Muslims and a woman can’t? Anyway, he’s happy to marry whomever he wishes.”

It was rumored that the man belongs to a “very famous” tribe, and others said that the wedding took place in London and video footage from it has gone viral. None of this has been authenticated.

A local site has published a picture of an Israeli Arab who married a Jewish woman last year, which attracted a great deal of media attention.

“It’s not forbidden to marry an infidel,” Nayaf tweeted, “but why do it when there are so many girls in your town?”

Sami wrote: “Foreigners are hot, but not to the extent of marrying an Israeli, whether French or American.”

“If she can’t cook Kabse [a traditional Saudi dish] the idiot may divorce her,” Majed wrote.

“He can do whatever he likes,” Mohammed wrote, “as long as he doesn’t come back to complain that his children look like their uncle.”

“What fate will his children have if she doesn’t convert?” Proud Muslim Woman tweeted.

“What if they get divorced? What if he dies? Will the Jews raise his children as Muslims?”

Bu Saqer, a critic of Saudi Arabia, tweeted: “I just want him to tell us which of them is more Zionist and a bigger bastard.”