WATCH: Cult Band Die Antwoord Sends Video To Israeli Fans

The Times of Israel reports:  South African rave band Die Antwoord revs up for its performance in Israel on June 8 in Rishon Lezion’s LIVE Park, it sent a video message to its Israeli fans.

Performers Ninja and Yo-landi Visser took turns speaking into the camera as Ninja stared menacingly and Visser pulled up her bleached white hair and stuck out her tongue and hands.

“We are Die Antwoord, we play live in Tel Aviv, Israel, June 8, LIVE Park, June 8, Israel, June 8,” said the tattoed pair, before screaming something unintelligible into the camera.

The extremely offbeat, alternative group, which includes singers Ninja, Vi$$er, as she often writes her name, and DJ Hi-Tek, is based on the South African zef countercultural movement, an Afrikaans term loosely translated as “redneck.”

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