Israeli-Arab Named First-Ever ‘Miss Trans Israel’

Menahem Kahana / AFP
Menahem Kahana / AFP

From Ben Hartman writing at The Jerusalem Post:

Somewhere in a Haredi neighborhood of Jerusalem in May 1998, a 10-year-old girl opened the newspaper and learned she was no longer alone.

Aylin Ben-Zaken saw the news that that Israeli transgender singer Dana International had just won the Eurovision, changing her world forever.

“I saw her and I realized that there’s another one like me out there, that I’m not alone.

“Where were you when you heard Dana International won the Eurovision” isn’t a typical question for a beauty pageant contestant, but this was no typical pageant.

The first ever “Miss Trans Israel Pageant” packed an auditorium at the Bima National Theater in Tel Aviv on Friday, to mark the beginning of the 2016 Pride Events in Tel Aviv. The winner of the event – 21-year-old Ta’alin Abu Hanna, a Christian Arab from Nazareth, will represent Israel at the Miss TransStar International pageant in Barcelona in September.

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