UK Labour Leader Pushed For Bans, Boycotts Of Israel, Letters Show

British Labour Party leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn addresses a rally in Chelmsford, east of London, on September 2, 2015.

The Times of Israel reports: Before his election as UK Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn pressed for a boycott of Israel and called on the British foreign secretary at the time to ban Israeli politicians from entering the country, newly released letters from 2010-2015 show.

The letters, sent to then-foreign secretary William Hague, were published following a Freedom of Information request to the government.

Writing to Hague in February 2012 about East Jerusalem, in particular house demolitions in the Silwan neighborhood, Corbyn, who was a backbench MP for Islington North at the time, urged trade sanctions against Israel.

“Israel’s current actions and victimisation of the people of East Jerusalem is an abomination that is totally illegal,” he wrote. “Surely the only logical way forward here is to take concrete action to penalise Israel via the most obvious method.”

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