IDF Seizes Gunmaking Machinery, Ammo in West Bank Sweeps

Israeli Defense Force troops prepare to mobilize on January 3, 2009 on the Gaza/ Israel border. The IDF have this evening launched a ground offensive in Gaza in an attempt to take control of Hamas Qassam rocket launch sites in the region. (Photo by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)
Uriel Sinai/Getty

The Times of Israel reports: Israeli security forces seized machinery used to make home-made guns in the West Bank on Thursday night, in a crackdown following a lethal terror attack in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, the army said.

The Israel Defense Forces and Border Police, along with representatives from the Defense Ministry’s Civil Administration, located the two drill presses, which are suspected of being used to create illegal guns. One of the machines was found in Eizariya and the other in Abu Dis — two Arab towns near Jerusalem.

The shooting in Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market this week was carried out with two homemade guns, known by law enforcement as “Carlos,” after the Swedish Carl Gustav submachine gun, on which the design is loosely based.
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