WATCH: Special Ramadan Kids’ Show Features Israel As ‘Palestine’

JERUSALEM – A children’s TV host on the Palestinian Authority’s official channel replaced Israel with “Palestine” in a special Ramadan quiz show.

The show, exposed by Israeli watchdog Palestinian Media Watch, features the host asking children which mountain in “Palestine” is the highest. She then lists three mountains in different regions of Israel: “Mt. Meron (in the Galilee), Mt. Ebal (near Nablus), or Mt. of Olives (in Jerusalem)?”

The girl eventually answers Mount Meron and is rewarded by being told “Good job, good job! Give her a hand!”

The highest mountain in Israel is actually Mount Hermon, but its location in the Golan Heights means that it is not considered “Palestine.”

This is not the first time Mount Meron in northern Israel was presented as located in “Palestine.” Previous Ramadan quizzes have included the same question.

Palestinian Media Watch has in the past documented PA TV’s reward of $100 cash prizes to people who correctly answered questions in which all of Israel is presented as “Palestine.”

PA TV routinely teaches children that the Israeli cities of Haifa, Jaffa, Acre, Nazareth, and Tiberias are located in “Palestine.”

On some occasions Israel is referred to as “occupied Palestine.” It is always inferred that “occupied Palestine” will one day be “liberated” and become part of a Palestinian state.