Israeli Opposition Leader Herzog Secretly Offered Palestinians to Divide Jerusalem

ramadan israel

The Jerusalem Post reports:

Zionist Union head Isaac Herzog, the leader of the opposition, held extensive talks with high-ranking PA officials prior to last year’s election to propose conceding 100% of the pre-1967 territories and declaring east Jerusalem the capital of Palestine, his spokesman confirmed on Monday.

A paper outlining the agreement, exposed by Channel 10 Sunday night, which was never formally agreed upon, included Herzog’s proposal to relinquish the West Bank and reach a deal to allow the right of return to Arab refugees in Jerusalem based on UN Resolution 194.

Herzog also reportedly agreed to allow 4% of Israeli settlements to remain in place in exchange for comparable pre- 1967 land allowances for Palestinians, to divide municipal responsibilities between east and west Jerusalem, and to have the Temple Mount overseen by an international third party.

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