Helen Mirren Rejects BDS Movement, Says She’s ‘Believer’ In Israel

Helen Mirren

TEL AVIV – Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren denounced the boycott movement and said she is a “believer” in Israel while visiting Jerusalem.

Mirren, who is in Israel to host the Genesis Prize, said she was against efforts by pro-Palestinian advocates to boycott Israeli artists as well as those artists who have themselves boycotted the Jewish state.

The actress also spoke of her “strong connection” to Israel. She first became acquainted with the country she sees as “extraordinary” in the 1960s when she volunteered on a kibbutz.

The Genesis Prize, known as the Jewish Nobel, is a $1 million award that was bestowed this year to Israeli-American violinist Itzhak Perlman in recognition of his accomplishments as a musician and advocate for the disabled.

The actress herself was recognized by Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat, who cited her “contributions to society and for the inspiration she brings to millions of people around the world.”

“Helen Mirren is a symbol of status and unprecedented artistic success serving as an inspiration to millions around the world,” Barkat said at the Genesis Prize ceremony.

Mirren is one of the rare actors to have earned the Triple Crown title, garnering three of the acting world’s most eminent awards: an Oscar, Tony and Emmy.