Rare Riots in Jordan See Many Arrested

AP/Maya Alleruzzo

Ynetnews reports: Dozens of unemployed Jordanians protesting the lack of job opportunities in the town of Dhiban south of the Jordanian capital Amman were met with violence at the hands of Jordanian security forces on Thursday and Friday nights.

The protest has been going on for about two months, with a large protest tent set up in the center of the town. The violence erupted after Jordanian security forces attempted to take down the tent and arrest the protest organizers.

Dhiban, a town of 39,000 people, is one of the poorest towns in the entire Kingdom of Jordan.

The ensuing riots saw the use of live fire which resulted in several injuries amongst the Jordanian security forces. Meanwhile, dozens of protestors were arrested.

Following the use of tear gas by Jordanian authorities, protestors set fire to the houses of the policemen who live in the city.

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