‘Hamas Smuggling Money To West Bank For Terror, Building Tunnels Under Mosques In Gaza’


The Jerusalem Post reports: Israeli authorities announced Tuesday that they had made a number of key arrests of Palestinian suspects who shed light on Hamas’s efforts to smuggle money to its operatives in the West Bank and its continued efforts to dig tunnels in Gaza.

Fayyiz Mizbach Muhammad Atar, a 65-year-old resident of Beit Lahia in Gaza, was arrested at the Beit Tarkumiya crossing on June 16. According to the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), Atar used his Israeli entry permit to smuggle money to Hamas operatives in the West Bank.

Atar also provided the Shin Bet with information about the entries to tunnels in Gaza, located in some cases under public buildings, including residences of innocent civilians and mosques.

He also informed the Shin Bet of a rocket launching site next to a civilian building in a way which endangered the non-combatant population, the Shin Bet said.

An additional Gaza resident, Itallah Ali abd-al-Karim Sarchan, was also caught trying to smuggle money from Hamas in Gaza to the West Bank in June. Like Atar, Sarchan had a commercial permit to enter Israel.

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