Cops Arrest 500 Unauthorized Palestinian Workers In Southern Israel

damascus gate

The Times of Israel reports: Israel Police officers from the Southern District have arrested hundreds of Palestinians who entered the country without legal work permits since the beginning of the year, according to new figures released Wednesday.

Police have also detained dozens of Israeli employers who hired the workers, and temporarily shuttered two factories in the south.

In light of the ongoing spate of terror attacks that have struck Israel over the past nine months, police have been cracking down on West Bank Palestinians sneaking into Israel to work without the requisite permits, as a number of attacks have been carried out by such individuals.

“This action presents a meaningful component in thwarting terror attacks,” the police said in a statement.

Since January, officers in the Southern District have arrested approximately 500 Palestinians, along with 25 employers and 35 Israeli nationals who transported them, the department said.

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