German News Network Accuses Israel of Teaching Children to Hate

RAMLA, ISRAEL - SEPTEMBER 1: Israeli schoolchildren pass through a metal detector on their way to class where strict security was imposed for the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to their primary school on the first day of classes September 1, 2002 in the central Israel town of …
David Silverman/Getty Images

Ynetnews reports: An advertisement for a German television documentary which will deal with how children in the Palestinian Authority are taught to hate and kill has caused an uproar for claiming that Israeli children are also taught to hate and kill Palestinians.

The program will be aired on ZDF, a German television channel which is known for its anti-Israel slant.

The ad for the documentary, titled “teaching to hate?” asks the question “how do Israeli and Palestinian children learn to despise one another – and kill?”

The documentary makes the comparison between incitement to murder and hatred in Palestinian schools to the education and incitemet to hatred which Israeli children alleged receive. This, despite the fact that the documentary clearly and explicitly proves that the education systems which spread incitement to kill and to hate is on the Palestinian side only.

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