At Jerusalem Pride Parade, Father of Slain Teen Urges Tolerance

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David Silverman/Getty

The Times of Israel reports: Shira Banki’s murder at Jerusalem’s 2015 gay pride parade should serve as a reminder of the dangers of extremism, the father of the slain teenager urged Thursday, speaking a few blocks from where his daughter was fatally stabbed by a religious extremist at last year’s event.

Ori Banki called on the tens of thousands of participants at the 15th annual parade to stand up for a more tolerant, moderate Israel.

“The lesson we have to learn from Shira’s murder is that moderation is a virtue for all of us, and that radicalization of any kind is a sure path to destruction,” he told the crowd. “Last year our daughter was killed because she believed that everyone is entitled to live their life without feeling ashamed of who they are.”

Shira Banki died of her wounds after being stabbed by an anti-gay religious extremist, Yishai Schlissel, during last year’s parade in the capital. Six other marchers were wounded in the stabbing attack.

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