Israel Investigating Italian Accused of Tricking Officials into Hezbollah Interview


Ynetnews reports: The Government Press Office is taking steps against the Italian ANSA news agency and against journalist Michela Moni for allegedly working for Hezbollah.

Moni interviewed a slew of Israeli government officials for what turned out to be a Hezbollah special detailing how the terror group kidnapped and killed two Israeli soldiers, thus starting the Second Lebanon War.

Moni managed to interview the Former Head of Military Intelligence Amos Yadlin, Former Defense Minister Amir Peretz, MK Tzipi Livni, and MK Eyal Ben-Reuven, seemingly at the behest of the Lebanese terror group.

Further adding salt to the wound, Moni even allegedly offered Tomer Weinburg – one of the survivors of the attack and who currently suffers from PTSD – $2,000 to be filmed in front of Hezbollah footage of the attack taking place following an interview with him.

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