Islamic Jihad Calls to Escalate Intifada as it Boycotts Palestinian Elections

Supporters of the Islamic Jihad movement shout slogans during a demonstrations against the publication in various European newspapers of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed, in the West Bank city of Bethlehem 07 February 2006. AFP PHOTO/MARCO LONGARI (Photo credit should read MARCO LONGARI/AFP/Getty Images)

The Jerusalem Post reports: Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) became the first Palestinian faction to announce that it will boycott the upcoming municipal elections set to take place on October 8th, according to a PIJ press release.

“After completing discussions and consultations, [PIJ] announces that it will not take part in the municipal elections,” the statement read.

The statement argued that “resistance” rather than municipal elections will achieve the Palestinians’ national goal of liberation.

“The current circumstances of Palestinian division, the siege on Gaza, the policies and crimes of the occupation in Jerusalem and the West Bank and its complete control over all aspects of life…does not make these elections a first priority in serving the people.

“Our people’s first national need is liberation from the occupation, which will only happen through resistance and escalating and developing the intifada,” the statement added.

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