More Security Cameras to be Added in Jerusalem Flash Points

CCTV cameras survey the Old Street roundabout in Shoreditch which has been dubbed 'Silicon Roundabout' due to the number of technology companies operating from the area on March 15, 2011 in London, England.
Oli Scarff/Getty

Ynetnews reports: Following the success of the Mabet 2000 security camera system in the Old City of Jerusalem – which takes live feeds from cameras all over the Old City and feeds them into a central video bank – the Jerusalem Police have decided to widen the scope of the program over the rest of the city of Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Police will be able to continuously watch over the entire city, and quickly dispatch police forces to any area in the event of a disturbance. Eventually, street light cameras and cameras on the Jerusalem Light Rail will be incorporated into the central situation room.

The system of cameras in the old city has helped security forces during security breaches, investigations, and in the search for terrorists. They have also helped in solving criminal cases.

Over 400 cameras are operating at all times in the old city, helping to find terrorists who carried out stabbing attacks during the recent wave of terror. The cameras have been able to follow terrorists as they flee deep into the old city, helping direct security forces to where the terrorist was hiding.

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