Fatah’s Response To Palestinian Terrorism Onslaught: Israel Is The Problem

Israeli security forces gather at the scene of a stabbing attack, where a Palestinian stabbed an Israeli soldier before he was shot dead, in the flashpoint West Bank city of Hebron on September 17, 2016. An Israeli military statement said the attacker drew a knife during a routine security check …

Israelis have been faced with a massive increase in Palestinian terrorism in recent days and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party responded by claiming the Jewish state is behind the violence.

Fatah went to far as to accuse Israel of “executing Palestinians,” seemingly referring to Palestinians who were killed while attempting to murder Israelis. Ignoring the Palestinian so-called “wave of terror,” Fatah actually claimed Israel itself was carrying out a “wave of terror.”

Over this weekend, Israelis were targeted in six Palestinian terror attacks in Jerusalem and the West Bank, including three stabbings and a car-ramming attack. On Monday alone, Palestinians perpetrated four more terrorist attacks, including stabbings and attempted stabbings in Hebron and Herod’s Gate, which leads to Jerusalem’s Old City.

This after nearly a year of increased Palestinian terrorism targeting Israelis.

“Israel is responsible for the Occupied Territories and the clear policy of killing and executing Palestinians,” the Fatah statement said. “Israel seeks to turn the relationship between the occupation and the innocent Palestinian civilian into one based on blood and killing and terrorist fascism, and that is the policy with which every occupation soldier serving Netanyahu’s criminal government is imbued with.”

“The level of terror and cruelty reached by Israel highlights one important fact: Israel only knows how to kill Palestinians in cold blood, at checkpoints, roads and the doors of the holy Al Aqsa Mosque,” the statement, released by Fatah’s chief communications officer Munir Aljaaoub, read.

“We are faced with an Israeli wave of terror that is devoid of humanity,” he further said. “It’s a policy that devours Palestinian lives, young and old, on a daily basis. This policy, at the orders of the Netanyahu government, relies on indiscriminate killing of Palestinians.”

“Fatah will not put up with more Palestinian victims of the criminal occupation,” he added. “We strictly condemn the policy of arrests, blockades, and restrictions of movement that prevent people from going to work and returning to their homes. It’s a racist policy, a policy of terror that is bent on killing. Israel drags the entire region toward a violent conflict, as the only response to the Israeli’s murderous logic is resistance. Our people loves peace and loves life, but at the same time it is prepared to make sacrifices for its homeland, its liberty and freedom from the occupation that deprives them of the meaning of life in dignity.”