Palestinian Teen Who Rushed Armed Guards Denies She Was Attempting Suicide

Israeli border policemen stand guard at a bus stop in the east Jerusalem Jewish settlement of Armon Hanatsiv, adjacent to the Palestinian neighbourhood of Jabal Mukaber, on October 18 2015.

The Times of Israel reports: A Palestinian teenage girl who on Wednesday was shot by Israeli security guards at a West Bank checkpoint, in an apparent suicide attempt, said she had no intention of trying to commit a terror attack, rejecting reports she had told the guards that she was there to die.

Thirteen-year-old Bara’a Ramadan Owaisi from Qalqilya had approached guards at a checkpoint in the northern West Bank, ignoring calls to stop her advance before she was shot in the leg. She was taken in for treatment and an Israeli military court on Thursday freed her, saying there was no evidence that she had attempted any attack; nor had she been in possession of a weapon.

The Defense Ministry claimed, after an initial investigation, that the girl had told guards:”I came to die.”

In an interview with Channel 2 Thursday, Owaisi denied the claims, saying she approached the checkpoint because she wanted to see where her aunt had died last year while trying to carry out a stabbing attack.

Owaisi’s aunt, Rasha Owaisi, 23, was shot dead at the same checkpoint last November when she brandished a knife and approached the guards there. The aunt had left a suicide note for her family.

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