WATCH: Aleppo ‘on Verge of Collapse’ as Russia Spars with West at UN

ABC News reports:  A medical group has warned that the health system in Aleppo is on the verge of collapse, as Syrian Government forces backed by Russia continue an intensive bombing campaign.

The Syrian American Medical Society says hospitals in the city’s besieged east are overwhelmed by the number of casualties.

“There is a shortage of all medical supply inside the city, in terms of emergency medicines, and surgical consumables, and especially orthopaedic consumables,” Abd Arrahman Alomar, the society’s coordinator, said at a press conference in Geneva.

“Most of cases are trauma cases, many of them need fixations, external fixators are absent at all inside the city.

“If this continues, we are going to the point of zero, where there is no facilities to be protected, where there are no health staff to be protected also.”
Dr Alomar says there are only eight hospitals and 30 doctors left in the city’s east, where an estimated quarter of a million people are trapped with dwindling supplies of food, medicines and fuel.

One obstetrician and two paediatricians remain to treat pregnant women and children.

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