World’s Oldest Man Celebrates Bar Mitzvah

A picture taken on January 21, 2016, shows Yisrael Kristal sitting in his home in the Israeli city of Haifa. Yisrael, an Israeli Holocaust survivor, may be the world's oldest man at 112, Guinness World Records said, providing he can find the documents to prove it. His family say he …

The Jerusalem Post reports: Yisrael Kristal, a Holocaust survivor living in Israel and the world’s oldest man at 113-year-old, celebrated this past weekend his bar mitzva, according to CNN.

Kristal’s daughter, Shulimath Kristal Kuperstoch organized the ceremony for her father. The family celebrated in Haifa.

“This was a miracle that came true in front of our eyes,” Shulimath said of the celebration.

The party was attended by friends and family on Friday, Saturday morning Kristal had his bar mitzva.

After the bar mitzva candy was thrown at Kristal by those in attendance. A tradition at younger Bar Mitzva’s symbolizing a sweet life. Shulimath stated that her father loved the tradition.

Kristal had his birthday in September. He was recognized as the world’s oldest man in March.

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