Islamic State Committing ‘Murderous’ Atrocities in Iraq, UN Charges

Yazidi masacre

ABC News reports: As Iraqi and Kurdish fighters move in on the city of Mosul, the United Nations says it is receiving reports of the “murderous” atrocities committed by ISIS, including extrajudicial killings and summary executions against women, children and male civilians in Iraq.

The UN also said it continues to receive information that ISIS fighters are “deliberately” using civilians as human shields — “forcing them to move to sites where ISIS fighters are based, or preventing them from leaving other places for strategic reasons.”

On Saturday, ISIS fighters reportedly shot and killed three women and three girls from a village called Rufeila in the al-Qayyarah sub-district, south of Mosul. The victims were allegedly shot because they were trailing about 100 meters behind other villagers who were being forced by ISIS to relocate to another sub-district, according to the UN.

The victims, which also included four children who were injured, were lagging behind because one of the children had a disability. She was apparently among the victims who were killed.

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