Jihadi Cleric Releases Video Urging Aleppo Fighters to Carry Out Suicide Bombings

suicide attacker
Abid Katib/Getty

Sheikh Abdullah Almuhessani, the spiritual leader of the jihadists currently fighting to lift the Syrian army’s siege on eastern Aleppo, has released a video in which he encouraged his troops to go on suicide missions.

In the video, the sheikh is seen blessing a jihadi fighter, a man named Abdelrahman, while addressing his mother, telling her the man will be able to spend that night in heaven with his wife.

“Salam aleikum Abdelrahman’s mother, I pray to Allah to protect you and the mothers of all the mujahideen around us,” he said in the video. “You will be blessed by this hero, who will inshallah meet his wife and spend tonight in heaven with her. He will meet the beautiful virgins who will wait for him in the tents of paradise. I wish his attack would hit the enemies of Allah hard.”

The video was hotly debated on social media. The renowned UAE cleric Waseem Yousef tweeted: “Muhessani said he’d go to heaven! He even promised him to meet the beautiful virgins! Why doesn’t he go to perform the attack instead of that young man? The real tragedy is that he dares send that message to the young man’s poor mother.”

Maha Almohmad replied: “They have no other way but the beautiful virgins to describe heaven. They have nothing except that. Even their thought is a minor,” she wrote, referring to the fact that the prospective attacker is probably not an adult.

“It’s one of the Muslim’s beasts,” Ahmed wrote.

Another replied: “You f*g, only when you become a man you’ll have the right to talk, you miserable wise guy.”

Suggesting that the young man is high on drugs, Faisal wrote: “Look at Abdelrahman, I don’t even think he’s awake, that’s why the Sheikh leaped on him like that.”

“These are the men who commit crimes in the name of Islam,” Amira Abdalwahab wrote. “They distorted Islam’s image. May Allah punish them.”

“Instead of sending young men to heaven and telling us about it, why don’t you start by sacrificing yourself on behalf of your beloved jihad!” Layal wrote.

Moomen Taha wrote: “That’s exactly what the leaders of IS do, they tell young men to blow themselves up to be able to go to heaven. If it is so, why don’t the leaders of IS do it themselves? They may just not want to go to heaven.”

In support of Almuhessani, Amer Abu Adnan tweeted: “Damn you and IS, we are with Islam, and the Sheikh Almuhessani’s shoe should be your throne.”