Russian PM: ‘Absurd’ to Deny Jewish History on Temple Mount

Russia's Prime Minister and Chairman of the United Russia Party Dmitry Medvedev speaks at the joint meeting of the party's supreme and general council in Moscow on September 24, 2016. / AFP / SPUTNIK / Dmitry Astakhov (Photo credit should read DMITRY ASTAKHOV/AFP/Getty Images)

The Jerusalem Post reports: Moscow has never denied Israel’s rights to Jerusalem, the Temple Mount or the Western Wall, Russian Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev (pictured) said in advance of his visit to the Jewish state later this week.

“These rights are clear and it would be absurd to deny them,” he told Channel 2 anchorwoman Yonit Levy.

He spoke warmly of Russia’s ties with Israel, despite Moscow’s votes against the Jewish state at the United Nations and its delivery of the S-300 missiles to Iran.

Levy quizzed him about those controversial issues as well as his support for Syrian President Basher Assad and charges that his country had intervened in the US elections.

How does Russia explain its support of the UNESCO vote “to disregard the historic connection between the Jewish people and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem,” Levy asked Medvedev.

The issue had been blown out of proportion, he responded speaking in Russian, with a Hebrew translation by Channel 2.

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