Erdogan Criticized For Israeli TV Interview

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The Associated Press

An interview Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave Israel’s Channel 2 on Monday sparked controversy on Arab social media.

In the interview, Erdogan refused to apologize for the 2009 Gaza flotilla, in which Turkish protesters clashed with Israeli soldiers, blaming the latter for the death sof Turkish “martyrs.” He also said that after a strained period, Israel and Turkey are on their way to turning over a new leaf.

Erdogan came under fire for the interview, especially from Muslim Brotherhood supporters. He was strongly criticized on Twitter under the hashtag #Erdogan_interview_Israeli_TV.

Munzer Mubaraq wrote in relation to Erdogan’s statement about a new chapter in his country’s relations with Israel: “What would the sheikhs tell their stupid audience if one of their rivals said these things?”

Another replied to a supporter of Erdogan: “Even if he put a Jewish skullcap on you’d say it’s for Gaza. The skullcap on his head goes nicely with the Muslim suit.”

Soud Alshamry wrote: “Twitter is beautiful when the Muslim Brotherhood are silent and don’t swear.”

She posted a meme featuring a famous Egyptian actor asking on the phone: “Did the Muslim Brotherhood kill Erdogan for restoring ties with Israel like they did to [former President Anwar] Sadat?”

“The Consultant” wrote: “The Muslim Brotherhood murdered Sadat for the same thing.”

“In truth, he humiliated his supporters, turned them into a rag, as if they didn’t exist,” another tweeted.

Raksar wrote: “The Turks have long since been the enemies of the Arabs, they scheme together with the Jews and the Persians against the Arabs.”

“Is Erdogan going to remain the leader of the nation in the eyes of his supporters?” Sandy tweeted. “I wonder what their response might be. Frankly, they always have an excuse.”

“The Muslim Caliph can do what others can’t.”