Saudi Arabia Registers 27,000 Divorce Cases in 45 Days

Saudi women praying at Eid al-Adha in Riyadh on November 27, 2009/Stringer

Over 45 days, the Saudi Justice Ministry dealt with almost as many divorce requests as wedding requests, newly released figures reveal.

In the first 45 days of 2016, the ministry dealt with 27,602 divorce requests – 613 cases a day on average – making up 45.7% of all requests, as opposed to 54.3% that pertained to weddings – 663 cases daily.

Using the newly launched hashtag #27thousand_divorce_cases_in_month_and_a_half, Antaka tweeted: “Honestly, there should be some kind of training for newlyweds, for both sexes. Some of them graduate from university with flying colors, while they fail in their conjugal life.”

“I don’t understand what we do wrong,” tweeted Bader Bawzeer. “Is it the married people who don’t appreciate the good they have? Or is it the judge who signs off on the divorce request claiming a mismatch?”

Another blamed social media: “It’s logical, as social media progresses, with the suspicions and worries that they cause. It’s also because people move away from values like patience and tolerance and maintaining their relationships.”

“Oops, you’re looking for the reasons,” Amani tweeted. “It’s mostly because of the technological bullshit, and their small brain, and men’s tendency to expel their women on a whim.”

Another said it was a spillover effect from the Western lifestyle: “I think the figures make sense. It’s the result of a shopping culture that has become widespread among women. It’s also a result of the junk food generation.”