EXCLUSIVE – Source: Concern Iran-Backed Forces May Establish Presence Near Israeli, Jordanian Borders


TEL AVIV – While all eyes are set on the battle of Aleppo, there is concern that Iran-backed forces could make significant gains in areas close to the Israeli and Jordanian borders, an Arab intelligence official told Breitbart Jerusalem.

He said Middle Eastern countries are following the gains made by the Syrian army, backed by Iranian troops and Hezbollah, in the southern Damascus suburb of Khan Alshih with great concern.

A few weeks ago, the Syrian army imposed a siege on the town, and on Wednesday an agreement was signed between the rebels and opposition militiamen whereby the former would relocate to the city of Idleb, near the Turkish border, which they control.

In effect, the regime forces and their allies have gained control of a strategic road leading from Damascus to Quneitra, near the Israeli border, and Daraa, near the Jordanian border.

The intelligence official said that the regime would now be able to assist their contingent in the southwest, “but more importantly it will open the door for Iranian units and Hezbollah fighters to move freely towards Israel and Jordan.”

He said a serious jihadi backlash is expected, “but if an Aleppo-style scenario unfolds here as well, the presence of Iranian forces near the Israeli and Jordanian borders is not impossible.”

According to the source, Iran has tried to establish outposts along the border area, especially with Israel, but now it will be significantly easier.

“It would require the Israeli and Jordanian intelligence to give new answers,” he said. “The two countries recently stepped up their cooperation on all things related to intelligence, and now it is expected to reach new heights.”

He said surveillance of Hezbollah and Iranian movements would prove harder than monitoring the local jihadi organizations. He said the American-led operations room in Jordan, in which other Arab countries take part, has taken note of the “worrying” development southwest of the Syrian capital.