Netanyahu: Israel’s Diplomatic Relations Growing at ‘Dazzling Pace’

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu (L) holds an Israeli national flag after a join press conference with and Kenya's President in July 5, 2016 at the State House, in Nairobi. Netanyahu visits Kenya on the second leg of a four nation tour of sub-Saharan Africa. / AFP / SIMON MAINA …

Jewish News Service reports: JERUSALEM—Does Israel’s path to peace lie in its technology and cybersecurity sector? Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thinks so—and he has a new acronym to prove it.

Netanyahu spoke about his country’s place in the global high-tech arena and other issues during a recent press conference for international Jewish journalists at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The journalists gathered in Jerusalem for the four-day Jewish Media Summit, which was organized by Israel’s Government Press Office.

The prime minister addressed a variety of topics of concern to the American and global Jewish communities. He called the rise in anti-Semitism in America “a fringe phenomenon” that should be fought.

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