Report: Assassinated Hamas Drone Engineer Was Working on Unmanned Terror Seacraft

MEDITERRANEAN SEA, ISRAEL - FEBRUARY 2013: In this handout image provided by Albatross, The Tamar drilling natural gas production platform is seen some 25 kilometers West of the Ashkelon shore in February 2013 in Israel. (Photo Photo by Albatross via Getty Images)
Albatross via Getty

The Algemeiner reports: The assassination of Hamas drone engineer Mohammed Alzoari in Tunisia earlier this month — widely attributed to Mossad agents — was spurred by his work to develop deadly unmanned seacraft with which the terrorist organization planned to blow up Israel’s offshore gas rigs, the Hebrew daily Yediot Aharonot reported on Monday.

According to reports emanating from Tunisia, Yediot said, it was precisely this “doomsday” underwater weapon, capable of carrying large quantities of explosives, which he was developing for Hamas’ next massive attack on the Jewish state that led to his elimination.

Indeed, the report said, if it is true that Israel took out Alzoari, the “clear and present danger” of the gas-rig plan was what made the move necessary.

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