British, Canadian Universities Dominate Report On 2016’s Top 10 ‘Worst Anti-Semitic Incidents’

CINCINNATI, OH - DECEMBER 4: Protester Kubaka Oba (R), of the group the Black Fist, holds an anti-semitic sign in front of a menorah on Fountain Square December 4, 2002 in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. Local Jewish groups fought for and won the right in the U.S. Supreme Court to place …
Mike Simons/Getty

The Algemeiner reports: Some of the past year’s worst antisemitic activities took place at British and Canadian universities, according to a new report, released by a prominent international Jewish human-rights organization.

According to the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s “2016 Top 10 Worst Global Antisemitic/Anti-Israel Incidents,” among the most distressing events of the past 12 months were the failure of UK school administrations to protect Jewish students, and attempts by activists at Toronto’s Ryerson University to derail a Holocaust education motion.

Citing a recent interview by British parliamentarian Baroness Ruth Deech — who, as The Algemeiner reported, decried that many institutions of higher learning have becoming “no-go zones” for Jewish students — the SWC wrote, “Antisemitism is so rife on campuses that some Jewish people are feeling threatened or unsafe.”

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