Report: Probe of Netanyahu Focuses on Cigars, Champagne from Hollywood Producer

Arnon Milchan
Jemal Countess/Getty

Haaretz reports: The purchase of alcoholic beverages, cigar boxes worth thousands of shekels, a regular and frequent practice funding the prime minister’s lifestyle – and the involvement of a key figure, in the person of businessman and movie producer Arnon Milchan (pictured).

These are new details that have been obtained by Haaretz about the police investigation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over perks that he is alleged to have received in the secondary of the two cases that the police are pursuing against him.

Haaretz has learned that Milchan, who is one of Hollywood’s most prominent producers and a man who owns a 9.8-percent stake in Israeli Channel 10 television, is allegedly one of the main individuals who purportedly bestowed the prime minister with gifts and other perks. Milchan has produced a large number of films, from “Dizengoff 99” in the late 1970s to “Pretty Woman” in 1990.

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