Hundreds Rally Against Paris ‘Peace’ Summit: An ‘Anti-Israeli Tribunal’

Protestors demonstrate during a rally in Paris against the Paris Middle East peace conference taking place in the French capital on January 15, 2017. Foreign ministers and representatives from around 70 countries will seek to revive the moribund Israeli-Palestinian peace process on January 15, with neither Israel nor the Palestinians …

The Jerusalem Post reports: (PARIS) Hundreds of people rallied in support of Israel outside of the Jewish state’s embassy in Paris on Sunday as foreign ministers from dozens of nations gathered for a Middle East peace parley in the French capital.

Among those present at the demonstration were Israeli and Jewish leaders, including Israel’s ambassador to France and the president of the French-Jewish umbrella organization CRIF.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has condemned the peace conference as “futile,” charging that it was organized in coordination between France and the Palestinians and would distance the two sides from direct negotiations on ending their decades-old conflict.

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